Resolution 1575 ST-3

Another recent 6-1 vote involved the City’s endorsement resolution of the Sound Transit ST-3 ballot measure (Resolution 1575).  

John has worked diligently for nearly two decades to provide access to safe and reliable transit service to the Citizens of Lake Forest Park, and has been instrumental in securing projects for the City under ST-3. 

Unfortunately, as ST-3 was being readied for the ballot, the Sound Transit board wrote the measure so that it authorized the expenditure of $58 Billion dollars with an open-ended tax structure that never needed re-approval by the voters.  John feels that it is our responsibility as citizens to retain control over our government, and that the ST-3 measure was the electorate essentially writing a ‘blank check’ to Sound Transit for a tax with no end-date and no regular performance reviews on progress. 

John could not endorse a $58 billion-dollar blank check, and so he voted against Resolution 1575. 

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