Limit Development in LFP:

Our natural environment and rural character are the treasure of this city, and while Seattle rushes to densify their neighborhoods with multi-unit projects, LFP must slow new development and protect our quality of life. At the same time we must restore trust and balance to city regulations and allow property owners to manage their properties and make reasonable changes to their homes and land without excessive and costly regulation. It’s about respect for our citizens, and it is long overdue.

Manage ST-3 Investments in LFP:

Sound Transit’s commitments under ST-3 total many times the City’s annual revenue, and success relies on forming a partnership between the citizens, city government, Sound Transit, Town Center owners, WSDOT, and others. We have only one chance to get this right, and it will be negotiated in the next 18 months. Investment partnership opens the
possibility to transform our town center into a vibrant community-focused center that will provide the amenities, services, and entertainment options that we need, within the existing site. They also offer the opportunity to improve our access to transit services, reduce traffic congestion, and improve the safety and reliability of our transportation systems.

Continue Restoring our Streams:

Lake Forest Park has managed more new projects than at any time in its history in just the last 2 years, and it’s because of a new innovative approach to securing grant funding from outside of the City. These projects prevented flooding in the town center and Sheridan Beach neighborhoods despite record rainfall just this year, and have restored fish habitat and removed barriers to fish passage without any increase in taxes. Mayor Johnson has said he wants to return salmon to our streams within the next decade, and we can do it!